2022 Happenings & Experiences

Throughout the weekend we have a full schedule of experiences and interactive events for you to join in with. These are complimentary and included in your ticket price, some must be booked in advance.

Calendar of Happenings with Thyme Hotel

The Cotswold destination hotel, Thyme will be popping up at Park Fair to host their ‘calendar of happenings’. Their popular happenings include interactive classes, workshops and events from cookery and cocktails to floristry and wellness, all under the direction of masterful experts in their field.

All classes are complimentary with no advance booking necessary but spaces are limited so arrive early to avoid disappointment.

See the schedule below and click on the button to view full details & more about Thyme.

Outdoor Activity Stage & Kid’s Zone

Our outdoor activity stage and kid’s zone will be host to a schedule of fun activities for children and adults to take part with together. These do not need to be booked, simply turn up and join in on the day.

Activity Stage Schedule 2022

Chloe Hodgson – Friday & Saturday 12.00pm

Chloe Hodgson will be hosting an energising, 15 minute, Pilates-inspired workout for adults and kids. Please come and join her and have some fun moving with your whole family!   

Poppy Delbridge –  Sunday 2.00pm

Family Tapping with Poppy Delbridge! Join Poppy Delbridge to learn about what Rapid Tapping is and experience the positive and fast-acting benefits that tapping will bring for you and your family. This clinically proven mood-boosting, face-tapping technique is a speedy, fun way to bring a sense of calm, fun and motivation for all the family! Leave armed with some great techniques to use on your children (and yourself!)

Molly Oldfield – Saturday 3.00pm

Come and chat to local writer and podcaster, Molly Oldfield about her book, ‘Everything Under the Sun’ – a collection of curious questions asked by children around the world. If you’ve ever wondered how much bamboo a panda eats, or if aliens exist, Molly will be waiting to tell you the answer. 

Vicky Leung – Sunday 11.15am & 3.00pm

Yoga teacher and wellbeing practitioner, Vicky Leung, will be leading a fun 20 minute yoga session to get bodies of all ages flexing. Get ready to fine tune your cat cows, tree poses and butterflies! 

Kid’s Zone Activities

Cricket Oval – Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10.30am & 1.30pm

Kwik cricket session for adults & kids

Banwood Family Cycle Track – Open throughout the Fair

Test ride Banwood’s retro inspired bikes, trikes & scooters. A selection of each available to enjoy

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